FREE SHEZ! Jailed for making funny video.

FREE SHEZ! Jailed for making funny video.

Thank you Thomas Lennon for the tweet!  This makes me livid.  As someone who was kicked out of college for refusing to stop publishing a student newspaper, this crap gets my attention.  I was put on the FBI’s Subversives List, but never sent to jail.  Yet.  This bullshit needs to stop NOW, across the globe.  Stop suppressing speech, governments, corporations and schools!  Stop jailing comics.  This is 2013, not the Dark Ages.

I signed the online petition, liked the Facebook page, and followed the Twitter page.  I also made a new flag for my Barbie monitor, so tomorrow everybody on the Las Vegas Strip and at the Fremont Street Experience who get a picture with me as FFIREHS will have the Barbie monitor flag reading “#FREESHEZ”.

Now you know.  What are you going to do?

Worthy Organizations for Charitable Giving

Last year I actually worked as a fundraiser for a variety of high profile charities.  This year my charity is Making It through the Winter.  As someone who exercised free expression in the United States at significant personal cost, I know what it is like to need help or even simply a little understanding.   Nevertheless, many humans endure situations I can’t even begin to imagine.  Once I overcome poverty (again), this is the initial short list of where my charitable giving would start.  It is from the list “Worthy Orgs” on the bottom right side of my blog home page.

Hillsdale Page Progress 12 DEC 2013

I guess this really is the genesis of my one man show.  At least the Hillsdale part.  The Dick & Marilyn Show part from childhood is a separate big bowl of WOW!, as Jeff Garlin might say.  Anyway, I’ve added to the first paragraph, the early 1992 paragraph, and a paragraph on my mention in the May 2000 issue of Liberty magazine.  I’m trying to make my life pain funny.  Because it really is all about entertaining YOU now, isn’t it?  You’re welcome.

Hillsdale:  The College, the Spectator, the Expulsion

Top 10 Ways to Quickly Earn the Wrath of the AD

Top 10 Ways to Quickly Earn the Wrath of the AD

Hat tip for this to an assistant director it has always been a pleasure to work for, Paddy Connor!  This is a brilliant and necessary quick read for ANYONE who wants to survive and thrive on any TV or film set, even if you’re not one of those strange itchy people scurrying around like Charlie Sheen on serious tiger’s blood, talking into their hand like you’re not even there.  They one of the many Jedi of the Director.  Ignore or disrespect them at your peril.