The evolution of my website face lift crawls along.  I find GoDaddy slightly more appealing than Vlad Putin and the Indian Supreme Court, so suggestions of any superior hosting alternatives are gratefully welcome.  My web design skills are nearly as extraordinary as a Gwenylth Paltrow book club.  Nevertheless my control maniac within requires on demand web design options that are quite … fluid.  I may just resort to a web design Lego system like WordPress, but might we crowd source a solution here for me?  Thanks!

Rescuing the “Office Space Nation”

Since I’m shy, I thought joining might help.  Here’s how I introduced my coy self:

Mark is “The Entertainer” . . . just another Eagle Scout pretty face recovering mortgage broker stand-up comedian, writer and screen actor. Oblivious to the fate of Socrates, he loves to seduce and free the passion within the Office Space Nation.

Yeah world, I just coined “Office Space Nation”.  And I shaved today.  My face.

My mission, and I choose to accept it, is to free the Office Space Nation.  Yeah, I’m starting a movement, nearly religious in nature.  But not to worry.  We’ll be drinking the Kool-Aid out of cups made from recycled TPS reports.  Yeah.

You may belong to the Office Space Nation if the passion in your life involves choosing a Hawaian shirt to wear to the office on Friday.  Know how to clear a printer paper jam?  Report to one or more bosses?  Think “therapy”, hypnotic or otherwise, will make your “occupation” better?  Does your retirement plan require your hospitalization after the random act of a drunk driver?  My name is Mark, and I am here to help.  No, I don’t know much about carpentry . . . and who is “Peter”?