Be Your Own Superhero … It’s More Fun & Less People Get Hurt

If it’s Sunday, it’s time to appropriate Jesus for your own selfish ambitions while making others feel like shitty humans who don’t deserve 30 seconds of quality Jesus foot fetish time because they don’t perform their religious theater in a manner acceptable to a loving god who allegedly made everything and everyone and found it … good. Fuck religion. Fuck slavery. Fuck that nice girl with the sparkle in her eye … without neglecting her needs. Just be the slightly better you. The one you knew how to be before your first day of kindergarten. Do something that makes you laugh. Do something that makes you cry. Do something that makes your heart pound and your lungs gasp for what feels like your last breath. Notice a fellow human who could really use your help … and just help them. And maybe read a book. Listen to better music. Get lost in a painting or a park. Appreciate an artist. Say “fuck” more … because George Carlin didn’t go to the Supreme Court for us to all text alphabet soup to each other while “watching” reality TV … on “date night”. Think a little. Or more. Discover your passion. Give yourself permission to pursue it like a bat out of hell with no remorse. Piss off your family and friends because it is not their goddamn life. Why must you volunteer to be a battery in their Matrix? What if it turns out that your frustrating life inspires another human right the fuck now? They are actually desperately watching and waiting, quietly hoping you might superhero up, because maybe then they can too … on their own terms. Stop enabling the mean girls and boys behind pulpits, Cross pens and political office. Be a slightly better human today. It actually makes this life pretty fucking fun and groovy and sinfully delicious … with slightly less human suffering and misery. That is all.