I’m happy to amuse you, unlike classic Joe Pesci

Classic clip . . . and because I proudly amuse you people, make you laugh and act like a clown.  Just don’t ask me to christen your kid.

Oh, and if any one of Carlin’s seven dirty words offends you, you need to get out more.  Take a break from getting gooey over Sarah Palin and go see some local live stand up comedy.  Remember, Jesus is a cat who turns water into wine and “pals around” with girls who sleep around.  At least that’s what a translation of a selection of after-the-fact recollections approved by committee under the order of an emperor claims.  And who can argue with that?

National Salvation in Confusion and Mediocracy

As one who grew up among evangelicals similar to Sarah Palin and experienced “higher learning” at George Roche’s Hillsdale College, I found GQ’s Glenn O’Brien’s article “The Rhetoric of Confusion: Sarah Palin and the Rise of Mediocracy” fascinating.  The independent soul in me yearning to breathe free does not seek in a Vice President “a charismatic genius sprung from the educated elite”, the yin O’Brien contrasts with the Palin yang.  Nevertheless, I find compelling O’Brien’s critique of “a Tourette’s syndrome of euphemism” and the “ordinariness and lack of distinction and achievement . . . now considered to be a key manifestation of the democratic ideal”.  But then, as H.L. Mencken noted about a century ago:

No one in this world has ever lost money by underestimating the intelligence of the great masses of the plain people. Nor has anyone ever lost public office thereby.