Welcome Back Blogger

At the insistence of a writer/poet/singer/songwriter/human whose mojo I admire, I’m dusting off the old blog and picking up where I left off.  After a few years and several days on sets, I just reread my profile .  Wow.  Who writes this stuff?  I still wanna meet me.  Sorry.  Was that self-indulgent?  Prefer something less happy?  Why must it always be about you?  I had to endure the 90’s once and I still don’t forgive grunge music for suffocating my beloved 80’s with so many depressed fuzzy sweaters drenched in the dreary rain of tears squeezed from hollow souls.

Anyway, whether I finish my screenplay for my first webisode or pursue my priestly passion as “The Mojo Whisperer” (with all the agnostic reverence you’d expect from a fan of The Life of Brian) or something completely different, why not share my mental shards along the way?  I didn’t publish a student newspaper, get kicked out of college and earn my official “subversive” status because I was clever at picking the right drugged gladiators for my fantasy football.

Let the games continue …