FFIREHS: Who Is He? 90+ Answers

Who is FFIREHS?  Tourists and locals on the street in Hollywood and Las Vegas have 90+ answers:
Reno 911!
Sexy Sheriff
Reno 911
Lt Dangle
Ef Fir Eesh
Super Troopers
Reno Bravo
Super Cops
Scary Movie
Barbie 911
Reno 90210
Boy Scout
new boot joshing
Vegas Cops
Good Cop Bad Cop
Inspector Dangler
Howdy Doody
Captain Underpants
Underwear Cowboy
Indiana Jones
sexy legs
steely-eyed Sheriff
Barney Fife
Naked Ass
Naked Cowboy
Non-naked Cowboy
Brokeback Lake
Sgt. Dangle
Sgt. Slaughter
Deputy Dangle
Your Mom
Ranger Rick
Ranger Junk
Texas Ranger
park ranger
Parks and Recreation
Reno 901
Reno 411
Cop 911
Lt Dan
Fresno 911
Lt. Dango
Reno nine eleven
Doppler Dan
Dancing Sheriff
Mr. Reno
Roy Rogers
(Smokey and) the Bandit
The gay cop
Winter Policia
Borat’s brother
camel toe
Roscoe from The Dukes of Hazzard
The Incredible Hulk
Village People
Crocodile Dundee
Thunder from Down Under
“That’s like the worst one yet”
“Where’s the food court?”
“I like Cartman’s ass”
“He’s from that show!”
“Ron Burgundy! You stay classy, America”
“I thought that dude was dead”
“Are you real?”
“That’s Reno 911, not a very good one”
“You lose a bet?”
“That was scary”
“That isn’t real”
“Be something I know”
“I’m blinded”
“Nice shorts bro”
“Who wears short shorts?”
“Where is it?!”
“Hey meow”
“What the eff you see kay?!”
“It’s gotta be tough, man”
“Aren’t you cold?”
“Where do I catch the shuttle bus to the Hollywood Bowl?”
“The Flamingo is blocked,  where can I park?”
“You have good teeth”
“Where can I catch a cab?”
“Where can I score some weed?”
“When is the next Bellagio water & light show?”
“You’ve got a tiny croc in your crotch”

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