Veep Debate Warning (My write? I a like a very much!)

Pardon my literary hubris, but I gotta share a recent Facebook comment of mine to Stephen Green of VodkaPundit regarding preparations for the Veep debate tonight:

Watch out for Biden . . . he’ll steal your prized vodka drink recipes and claim them for his own.  Watch out for Palin . . . she doesn’t find vodka very Christian (“I can see Russians drinking it from my back porch!”).  Jesus only loves those who drink the fruit of the grain from Joe’s six pack . . . dontchya know?

Joker 08

Everyone has a plan.

The commissioner has a plan.

Batman has a plan.

The district attorney had a plan.

Obama’s plan comes from the folks who did such good work running Fannie and Freddie.

McCain’s plan is to stay out of the home and the grave, but his plan B (B-abe Palin) was really an unplanned political pregnancy . . . who now sweetly reads plans off of 3×5 cards.

Me, I have no plan.  I can’t compete with these circus act clowns.

– Joker for President