Straight Will Delights Like Cheetos

Loved much of the SNL season finale the other night, and the Celebrity Jeopardy revisited was a particular delight.  I loved the physical comedy of Tom Hanks, especially the “microphone” pen and the headbutt of his lecturn.  Will Ferrell’s long-suffering straight man pitted against Darrell Hammond’s Sean Connery ranks up there with Cheetos as a guilty pleasure hard to resist.  Yeah, straight man.  For those who remember Tom Hanks in Philadelphia more than Punchline, “straight” means Alex Trebek doesn’t do drugs.  UmkayWho’s on first?

Shake Not: Wait for New Bond to Stir

Here’s my recent comment (I just submitted to Variety to post) on Peter Bart’s recent lament of the Daniel Craig James Bond in Variety:

Bond is evolving, and I feel like the Daniel Craig version is still establishing itself. Casino Royale was a glorious birth. I’m reserving final judgment after a few more Craig films release. Those of “this generation” who bothered to read Ian Fleming may find Craig’s interpretation closer to the mark than that of Sean Connery, (“an overgrown stunt-man” Fleming once said). Please understand I say this as one who relishes the easy style and swagger of the Rat Pack and Connery’s Bond (my original fav Bond). I suspect the Bond of popular imagination is passing through puberty. Enjoy the Quantum action short, permit their payday, and let’s employ the good taste of Ian Fleming by not opening a fine bottle of wine and rendering verdict before its time.

I do impressions: Johnny Carson

I always like to ask people I meet “who are your favorite comedians”?  In my limo today a couple said Johnny Carson, which led into my Carson impression, which we agreed was a more stuttering Dana Carvey version.  Anyway, for my homework and your enjoyment, here’s a classic Carson clip that captures some of his delicious facial expressions that kinda said “yeah, I’m Mom’s adorable baby, I’m getting away with murder, loving every minute of it, and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it except enjoy the moment with me.”  I love how Carson smirking never seemed to undermine the humor, unlike a few SNL performers who have stepped on their own lines, beating the audience to the laugh.  Miss Johnny.