Vegas Avoids Problems & Destroys Social Fabric by Criminalizing Buskers

Here’s my response to a recent article in The Las Vegas Sun:

No city officials have “worked” with me.  Unless you count LVMPD Metro issuing me a misdemeanor warning for a “toy weapon” (a Dollar Store fluorescent green and orange squirt gun) on The Las Vegas Strip.  On a Friday.  Which is why my Vegas 90210 character now carries in his holster … a banana.  Can’t wait for that to be deemed a dangerous “toy weapon” as well.  Vegas officials clearly care more about harassing buskers than solving issues like water, kidnapping, homelessness and real crime.  Busking is not a crime, it is constitutionally protected expression.  I am not a problem.  I am a busker.  I am an American.  I am a human being.  I’m also a father, a SAG-AFTRA actor, a writer and an Eagle Scout who attended college on American Legion and other academic scholarships.  Harassing artists does not solve the city’s problems.  It simply undermines confidence and trust in the social and political institutions we’re told we should instruct our children to respect.  If you consider me a criminal simply because I’m a busker, should I then consider any elected official to be a Denny Hastert, a Rod Blagojevich or a Vladimir Putin?

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